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Little Direct Debits for bank account switching

Little Direct Debits - Update

Due to payment issues (see below) with GoCardless we have decided to take a break. Thank you to all our customers - we hope to be back soon!

In the mean time, to set-up new direct debits for your switching requirements, LDD recommends: 

Tiny Direct Debit


4th March 2024

Little Direct Debits GoCardless Payment Issues

All Customers should have received en e-mail from Little Direct Debits dated 4th March 2024 explaining the issues with GoCardless (check your junk mail if you have missed this)

All payments related to LDDs have been suspended by GoCardless, therefore no future payments will be taken.

This is out of the control of LDDs, and therefore, unfortunately all customers direct debits are affected.

Please review your direct debits, and consider action right for you. All active mandates will remain active unless cancelled, but no payment will be taken, and the effect on switching accounts is unknown. LDDs apologises for the inconvenience, but the responsibility for this situation lies with GoCardless.

Please only contact us to cancel your direct debit subscription if you cannot do this via your bank. LDDs cannot support with taking payments due to the suspension by GoCardless so please do not contact us to set-up new payments. Nor can we offer personalised advice on your situation or bank switch. We apologise for the inconvenience, but we are limited in what we can do due to GoCardless' actions.

You can contact GoCardless via if you would like further support or information.

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